Principal Desk

Mrs.Sumalini, Principal

At Siliconcity academy of secondary education we spell "SUCCESS" as "SUCCCCCESS" where 5 c’s stands for collaboration, character,consistency,commitment and communication.

Collaboration: We are proud to state that in SCASE, whatever programes undertaken it is in collaboration and consent of the parents. We have been very clear in getting the opinion of the parents for the betterment of students and then implementing the same.

Character: We strongly believe in building the character of students.

Consistency: In SCASE, all the activities are done in a consistent way. Be it a PTM, or internal competitions,external competitions,science exhibition etc there is always a follow up and there is always a consistency in doing things.

Commitment: It would not be out of place to mention here the entire team-management, staff and teachers of SCASE are totally committed to provide quality education to all the students.

Communication: This is the most important thing as this is the only mode which gives us a better understanding about the school and the activities conducted. No single activity in the school is carried out in the school without a written communication to the students/parents either in the form of circulars/diary entriees/verbal.

The MOTTO of our school is “Joy of Learning” we believe learning is most effective when it is thoroughly enjoyed. We expose our students to a well structured, friendly teaching methodology that will help to shape their future in a positive way.