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School Curriculum

Committed To Excellence In Education

The academic programmes and syllabi offered at Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education aim at igniting minds and creating in students - a love for learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience.

New CBSE Assessment Pattern


  • 80 Marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus.
  • Marks and grades both will be awarded for individual subjects.
  • 9 Point grading system.


  • Periodic Written Test - 10 Marks.
  • Note Book Submission - 5 Marks.
  • Subject Enrichment Activity - 5 Marks.


  1. Air-Conditioned Day Care Facility for Kindergarten Students after School hours. Timing extended up to 5 pm.
  2. Computerized MATH LAB (NIIT) in the school campus.
  3. E-Campus :
    • SMS / E-mail facility for parents.
    • IVRS - Interactive Voice Response System: Parents can access all the information of their wards over the phone.
    • GPS - Vehicle tracking system in all the School Buses.
    • KIOSK Touch Screen Machine for parents to check academic data of their wards.
  4. Special Educator in the campus to help all the students.
  5. Basketball, Cricket and Football turf & Indoor Badminton court in the school campus.
  6. Keyboard & Tabla classes are a part of curriculum
  7. Career guidance for students of grade 8-10.
  8. Smart boards in the classrooms.
  9. Parent Communication - Hello Parent App.