Chairmen Speak

The responsibility of an educational institution is first to define the scholarly influence and affect it can contribute. Broadly speaking two sets of events contribute to the development of an institution. One of this is the dedication to the promise of human learning and a vision of how to promote the spread of right human knowledge. Clearly this vision is to bring the most sophisticated set of procedures and mechanism including machines that can be designed for making learning readily available to all those who come to us in persuasion of educational training.

Our concern is to develop a personalized system of instruction.

Dr. K.S. Sameera Simha

Academic Chairman
Silicon City Educational Academy

When great minds come together to create a school that cares it is called
“The Joy of Learning”

This is a mastery oriented instructional method that allows each student to proceed through an instructional sequence at his or her own rate. The institution is working with all concerned to develop and standardize the system with greater precision. the needed human resource is another concern and fortunately we are with a resource which can cope with the fast developing field.

The problem is to cope with demand and expectations of parents, society and also the individual in relation to the controlled system of education and the rules laid down by the authorities controlling the system on one side and the speed and accuracy required to come out successfully under such constraints on the other side. The silicon Academy has the inbuilt capability of handling all this to make this vision come true.