What Makes Silicon City Academy The Best School For Your Kids
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What Makes Silicon City Academy The Best School For Your Kids


Engaging Students – transforming lives! With such a motto and a great vision, Silicon City academy has made its name in the education industry. Education is a tool that derives talent, great brains, and brilliant people who develop society for the benefit of all. Education has a specific purpose – it is to turn around the mirrors into windows. That means providing or instilling those values and education that make the whole world a transparent one.


Know more about the Silicon Academy:


In today’s time, the schools are enormous, thus giving the parents a wide spectrum to choose from for their kids. In such a way, making a concrete decision about a particular school is like searching in hey.


In such a competitive time, the Silicon City Academy has made a benchmark and offers a challenging environment that teaches perfectly and brings the best from each child. Unlike various CBSE affiliated schools, Silicon City Academy has made its name among the best rated CBSE affiliated schools. The whole sole purpose of the school is to promote quality education and provides the best faculty for the students.


If we talk about locational values, the Silicon Academy is in a green and undisturbed environment. The school is placed in the beautiful city of Bangalore and has its campus spread over 3 acres with greenery and well-built residential areas. The Silicon academy has always aimed high to provide the best-integrated learning experience and seek out the best potential that nurtures each child with the best of the best education in a comprehensive manner.


The various facilities and infrastructure-


The modern aspect of the school brings positive vibes. Education aims to bring novelty to every sphere of life. Also, to bring the genuineness and opportunities, the kids can learn various things from Silicon school’s atmosphere. A school is a place where the teaching of life is taught with understanding all those learnings.


In Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education, children’s growth is not only centric, but the focus is on overall development that brings the best out of each child. Because every child is different, unique, and has different abilities to become successful in that field. Silicon Academy explores each such talent in all individuals and nurtures them that way.


There are various factors that the school has brought to reduce the traditional approach and work towards the education with novel ideas. The school has equipped everything that makes learning enjoyable yet effective.


The facilities of Silicon Academy include a great library that imbibes the culture and affection for books. The laboratories have a well-equipped setup, where the experimental learning helps the students to learn with live experiments. The IT Infrastructure is well settled, and the Internet – Wifi is for 24×7. The school has a proper security system with great CCTV support.

The overall development includes sports and extracurricular activities; hence the school has sports membership and clubs, where students get to learn sports of their interest and choice. The swimming pool and dance and music rooms are also developed with the latest equipment and infrastructure for better students’ learning. The health and medical check-up facility also takes place on a regular basis to ensure the safe health of students. There is also a canteen facility that specially focuses on the great health of students.


What is it that makes Silicon Academy different and unique?



Silicon City Academy is the best choice for your kid because of its school staff with great teaching skills and qualified staff. The school focuses on hands-on exercises and creative articulation for student growth in academics. The Silicon Valley School has a backdrop that is child-friendly and gripping for kids to learn and have joy at the same time. Silicon City Academy presents learners with the most suitable integrated learning experiences through their CBSE-based syllabus and helps them acquire skills throughout their time at the academy.


The CBSE board strives to ingrain values through a collaborative curricular process, and the curriculum is intended to devise the student’s learning approach. Students learn fundamental abilities of life alongside critical knowledge about our general surroundings. Such skill-based education at Silicon City Academy makes your kids academically sound and provides them an edge over their peers, allowing them to become more competitive and eminent.



What are the primary things to focus on for a quality school? According to common needs and understanding, few parameters like great faculty, student comfort, a great infrastructure, well-versed curriculum, overall development, ventilating classrooms, libraries, other spaces like playgrounds, experiment labs, and much more; Silicon City Academy School has all in a great level. Parents have reviewed the school at its best and a great place for their kids to learn and grow.

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