Why CBSE Board and why Silicon City Academy?
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Why CBSE Board and why Silicon City Academy?


Choosing a good academy for a kid and especially board is more suitable for secondary education. It was seen that the CBSE board has the edge over the others, and its education curriculum is developed in such a way that it allows students to acquire analytical abilities and reasoning skills.



Why consider Silicon City Academy? 

Silicon City Academy is a top institution for its Secondary Education. It is situated in a serene green environment in the southern region of the bustling metropolis of Bangalore. The academy is dispersed over 3 acres and is located in a tranquil area where all the trees and quiet residential layouts. The institution is distinctive for an infrastructure that blends with international educational criteria. Silicon City Academy presents students with the most relevant integrated learning experiences and skills, holistically carrying the kid through the K-12 program.



Know more about Silicon City Academy 

Silicon City Academy Education Trust was created in 2005 to deliver infrastructure for value-based education by designating educational Institutions to satisfy increasing requirements. To carry this vision into existence, Mr. K.B Lakshman, Founder and Chairman & Mr. L. Ravi, backed by renowned educationists, instituted Silicon City Public School with a CBSE curriculum. From there on, the academy has expanded to present the strength of 1150 learners and is known as the best school for students/parents in South Bangalore. This has provided momentum for the chairman to start Silicon City Educational Academy in 2008. The academy initiated the pre-university, graduate, and post-graduate programs to make it a Centre for comprehensive education – from pre- nursery until students graduate.


How to get into the Silicon City Academy and its Admission Process?

Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education is rated as the best CBSE School in Bangalore and comes with an organized, easy registration and admission procedure. Parents can easily opt for online payments and do the admission query to know more about Secondary Education through their Online Admission Form. The academy has hired a staff that is favorably learned and skilled in their job. They disseminate their rich knowledge and understanding and devote time to building a learner’s mind. The team is cordial, and they thoroughly comprehend the necessities of curious young minds.


Silicon City Academy Facilities 

There are many facilities that students get when admitted to the academy:





Internet / Wifi


Sports membership and clubs


IT Infrastructure

Swimming Pool

Dance and Music Rooms

Health and Medical Checkup


Unique characteristics of Silicon City Academy

  • The best approaches adopted in the school are one on one personal engagement, chapter-wise quiz/ Questions Bank, healthy teacher-student ratio, mentoring learners every day, and revision classes. Silicon City Academy has value-based teaching concentrating on 3 ‘C,’ which are Courage, Curiosity, and Confidence which has made the academy the most chosen school in Bangalore. It was noted that the school has been accepting a good number of entrances each year.
  • Another feature is their Day Care, a relaxing air-conditioned room with comfy beds. School keeps the kids entertained while letting them play with things and giving lots of refreshments. There are various activities to prepare children for next year and teach them diverse skills.
  • HOPE is a Learning Centre that allows the children that have learning difficulties. The trained staff at the academy provide all the strategies and learning techniques to teach them important skills nevertheless of the rigor of their learning hardship.


Choose Silicon City Academy for its CBSE Board curriculum. 



Students should opt for the academy to be a top player in the CBSE studies.

  1. Silicon City Academy CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education has its perks, and its curriculum, education pattern, and study stays the same throughout the nation. As the CBSE is homogenous, it creates transfers and shifts to another school much easier for learners. In different states, the course stays the same irrespective of the condition.
  2. It provides a more student-friendly CBSE-based education material. It is created in such a manner that it allows learners to develop analytical capabilities and reasoning skills. At the Silicon City Academy, the faculties keep all the students familiar with the internal choices, focus more on objective questions, etc. They make sure that students are not under too much extra pressure and get the best quality education.
  3. After finishing school education, many learners of Silicon City Academy aspire to be admitted in Engineering or MBBS. They prepare for competitive papers in centralized education institutes like IIT-JEE or AIIMS. The learners who passed out from the CBSE curriculum are sounder in exams and lead these exams. Therefore, studying in a CBSE academy acts as an added benefit.
  4. The academy CBSE subjects are considered more flexible because it enables customization when choosing a few different subjects from Grade VIII to XII. The limits of customization may differ from student to student.




What do parents have to say about the Silicon City Academy?


The school is in the process of carving great talents across the nation. They have novel technology and the latest updated sources to provide an overall development in the kids. Parents have expressed their great reviews.

Many of the parents feel that Silicon City Academy is a great decision they have made in their life for their kid’s education; the school offers an overall development and a great academic curriculum.

Some other parents have praised project based learning because it helps the kids to think, imagine the new ideas, and work for beneficial learning.

Some parents supported that the school made the kids feel from an understanding point and Think creatively and out of the box. These thinking exercises ensure that the students are able to ask queries such as why, how, what, and seek answers.

Wrapping words:

The Silicon Academy means everything they believe in to enhance the overall learning of kids. Their teaching style makes the curiosity alive in the kids.


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